Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I did it

I bought web space.  I plan to move my old homeschooling for preschool site to its very own home.  No more being tossed around by the waves of.  Of.  Of something.  It was on the tip of my tongue, but now I don't know how to finish the sentence dramatically.

Geocities.  The famous and beloved (or not so much) Geocities is closing all free sites on the 24th.  To be honest I knew it had to happen sometime.  Had to, right?  People shouldn't talk bad about a free host.  I've had a site there since 1997.  I got a pretty good deal with Bluehost tonight.  At least, I hope I did.  It's been around a long time and I saw favorable reviews for it at three different, unrelated places.  I once bought space real cheap and got ripped off.  One day I went to my site and it was gone.  No domain name, no content, no nothin', and the company didn't answer their phone or their email.  Buyer beware.  I hate to spend very much moolah because it's only for personal use.  It's not like I need speed or ginormous web space.

One thing I liked is that they offer domain registration privacy.  You can always check whois.com to find out who a domain name is registered to.  One time someone called me at home.  You know I didn't like that.  With Bluehost, everything will say Bluehost instead of my home address and phone number.  Yay. 

And.  I read on their forum that I can transfer this here blogger blog to my new domain.  Now there's an idea.  All I have to do is learn WordPress.  Oh mercy.


busyHSmom said...

oh, you are so smart...Wordpress will be a breeze! I never even knew you had a Geocities site.

Liliana said...

Well the host I have has some super whoopeedoo easy install on the control panel, so we'll see if it's a breeze. I hope so.

I've had a homeschooling for preschool site at Geo since 1999. It was so much work at the time I hate to see it die. I love my husband because he let me buy some space!