Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We like Skype

My sister and I got hooked up on Skype. We like it! With Skype you can make phone calls on your computer. We're saving on cell phone time. And you can include video with your voice. It was a hoot. At first we just sat and grinned at each other! We're trying to improve video quality. I'm afraid my satellite won't be fast enough because you need at least 24-38 fps (frames per second) and I only have a measly eight fps. Consequently, for both of us our voices are out of whack with the video image and the video is fuzzy and/or frozen. I checked my transfer rate and it's so slow that we're going to call the satellite dish man again to see if he can help. Last night I had 30 kbps upload speed. That should be a crime. Normally it's not that slow for us.

July 4th is one of the busiest days of the year for this park. This pic is from last week-end. This coming week-end they'll be parked two, three, and four deep along the shore! It gets wild and crazy. Last year the park had about 109,000 visitors for the 4th. If 1% of those people get drunk and get in arguments and fights that's a lot of work for the rangers.

My Vancoymcin antibiotic started working well for me yesterday. Yesterday I had no discomfort at all and I was able to do everything I needed to get done, and with a dash of joy added. Today I feel very well too. All the days before were not great and Saturday was a bad day. On Saturday I drove our son to swim lesson a mere 15 minutes from here. On the way, my body decided it had to go to the bathroom. I parked fast and ran fast and the bad news is I did not make it to the head in time. I poohed some in my swimsuit. This is life with antibiotic induced colitis. I do like the Vancomycin better than Flagyl. On Flagyl my body ached so much. I thought I was simply falling apart, but now that I'm off Flagyl and the body aches have ceased I realize it was a side effect. One morning last week I couldn't even bend over to brush my teeth. I couldn't kneel down at all or I couldn't get up. I'm glad that part is better. Ninety-five percent of people are cured with Vancomycin. I pray I am one of those 95%.

A kind of funny thing happened on Sunday. I went up to the front to ask for healing at the alter call. I am quiet and my pastor's hearing is not excellent. Well, I told him, "I'm on the last medicine and it's not working," and he thought I said I had asthma. He prayed over me for healing of asthma and kind of loudly too. I was too embarrassed to correct him. His wife laid hands on me too. I figured God knows what I'm needing and asking for even if pastor got the words wrong. I came home and said to my husband, "Honey, I'm healed of asthma!" Hehe. My colitis symptoms did improve muchly on Monday, thank you Lord.

Lastly, I'm doing Bible teaching with my son on the topic of saving sex for marriage using examples in The Word such as how Joseph reacted when pharoah's wife wanted his bod. What did he do? He ran and he ran so fast she was left holding his coat!

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