Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At the ranch

"The Grandmother"
She's been around a long time!

Deer in the distance

With the naked eye I could hardly make out these deer. My camera saw them clearly though which I didn't realize till I downloaded the pics. We spent the day at the ranch yesterday and it was peaceful and fun. We drove down a canyon and we saw horses and cows, calves, and deer. Branding day is the 27th and it's always a big event. They have about ten calves this year. That's a lot for this ranch. They'll be branding some bulls too. It's going to be a sight to see the men pull down those big, strong animals.

Had a terrible dream the other night. Dreamt I went to someone other than Ivan to get my ends trimmed. I looked in the mirror and my hair was cut in that style that everyone is wearing lately; real short at the nape and above shoulder length on the side. I'm sure I dreamt of that style because I was sitting in church looking at the pastor's daughter flip her hair about and she has that style. I asked the hair stylist what happened and why she did it. She said she didn't know. Then to top it off I dreamt my stomach was really big and round and sticking out and that's not all. When I walked I stomped around like Frankenstein. What a nightmare.

It's such a pretty day here. I can't get enough of sky, sky, sky.

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