Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day by day

Monday right before 3:00pm was the worst. The Flagyl stopped working and I felt very bad. I thought it would be no problem to wait over the week-end for Wal-Mart to ship in the Vancomycin, but if I knew then what I'd be in for I'd have driven the hour and a half to Las Cruces. Now I'm on the antibiotic that my doctor calls the "Big Gun" against C. Diff and I hope and pray it will restore my fauna and flora. My goodness, it's terrible having something like this wrong, and be wrong for so long. It's like living life under a blanket with all the daily joys of life muffled. I will say the Vancomycin is easier to take. It's a capsule and doesn't taste awful like the other does. Would it kill them to put a little coating on that stinkin' Flagyl?

I went for a walk and it was a lovely day with cloud cover. Hot, but beautiful. I felt much improved all day but the walk made my tummy ache. We had a tad bit of rain. In the morning a roadrunner was clucking right under my bed outside the trailer. My dad and his wife stopped by on their way home from Nebraska and we had a really nice two hour visit.

My husband and son are watching "The Three Stooges" and laughing like crazy. I find the Stooges mildly amusing. It's got to be in the genes.

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