Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flag earrings

My sister wanted to see the 4th of July earrings I made so my son took some quickie pics for me.

In this pic, I look good but you can't see the earrings. I look so nice in semi-light!
I just took my pill. I take it with food but it still makes my tummy feel, meh, so-so. I used to enjoy having a bedtime snack but now that I have to take this pill with food I've come to hate a bedtime snack.

I gave our son a big pep talk on the importance of writing his pre-algebra problems from the top down neatly and legibly. I told him math develops logical thinking and people always like to whine and say "I'll never use this math in real life," but in reality, they do. It's important to be able to think in an orderly manner. I said a lot more too, but it escapes me what I said. Anyhoo, he responded favorably and has written neat and legible math problems for two days - in a row.

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