Wednesday, June 03, 2009

He's tired of driving!

When people kept asking us how long we'd live in a trailer and travel I would say, "I guess we'll quit traveling when my husband says he's tired of driving." Well! He said it yesterday. And he said it again today. So. It's official. As in double official.

In itself it doesn't change anything drastically but it gives us a direction. I always wondered, how would we stop? I didn't think I'd ever want a house, but now! I kinda do. This year there's been no joy in the driving. And I used to wonder how could we all want to stop traveling at the same time? God works in miraculous ways. We all three want to settle down and all the praying I've done asking where to settle? Answered. We'll settle in New Mexico and we all three agree. We all three love it. We all three are ready.

So that'll open a new chapter - the chapter of finding an abode. New happiness to find, new challenges to face. But the chapter doesn't start yet.

Gettysburg. We arrived today and went to the Gettysburg Museum and the 20 minute movie was so good. I almost cried about three times. We'll be here a couple days. There's an auto tour we want to take and maybe a bus tour into Washington, D.C. I was thinking of spending a couple weeks to drive several times into D.C., but we can't take it here for that long. We want to head out west. It's more open there. We prefer the open land. Here there are so many trees and cars and people. We are claustrophobic from it. I told my husband today that I think I have a touch of ye olde depression closing in and I think it's because we're not in a place we really want to be. Course, my lame illnesses of the past two months are a major contribution too, but we just really need some open road soon. I praise the Lord for His answer in perfect clarity. It is an awesome God we serve.

It was a four state day today: Tennessee, Virgina, West Virgina, Pennsylvania. In the median between the interstate going north and south there was a carpet of wild red Iceland Poppies! Quite a sight. I love those flowers. And we didn't know the Bible Belt came up this far. First off, crosses. We've seen about four giant crosses. And on the radio you can find a sermon to listen to any time of day! And on the interstate today was a flashing sign with a warning of only one lane ahead and it also flashed "Christian Enlightenment." Whuh? Who put that in a state sign? The ACLU would be on it like white on rice.

The photo is the side of the road on the way to KOA.

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