Monday, June 15, 2009

Our dish is fixed

Saturday's New Mexico sunset

We're back in New Mexico and we're so fortunate. We got a site with full hook-ups for a month and my husband is volunteering. It's worked out well. My husband called up the volunteer coordinator even though all the sites we're full for the summer when we left, but one site came open! And then the man came out to the park and fixed our satellite dish for us. We have a brand new arm and nose on the dish. It works now! He was a knowledgeable technician.

On the down side, that nasty C. diff returned. My good bacteria are having a hard time flourishing I guess. I'm on a med for 21 days to fix it. Last night at evening church I asked my friends there to pray for me and Brother David, the assistant pastor, got the anointing oil out for me and he and his wife and some others that I like a lot, prayed for me. I have a hard time asking and I knew I should ask but it was so hard doing it. Finally, only a few people were left in church and I asked him and man, my face turned red as a beet. Clunk me on the head will ya. I told him he could pray for me later at his home but he said, "Liliana, you know us and if we're gonna pray we're gonna pray it right now."

Look at those sunset photos, eh? Glory to God. I went for a walk and the colors were amazing. I was snappin' and snappin' hoping my camera would catch the brilliance. Fire in the sky!

It's a regular, normal, homeschooling day today. No. Driving.

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