Monday, June 08, 2009

After 24 years, I still blush

I thought I read somewhere that after age 50 people don't blush anymore? I still blush and have often blushed easily.

Today my husband said I haven't been doing much dancing. That's a big duh. People with diarrhea just don't dance. But I digress. I am wearing my Peace, Love, Belly Dance top which is kinda cute and I said, "No, I haven't felt much like a belly dancer, that's true." And then he said I still looked like one. That's when I turned red and he said he can't believe I still blush because of my own husband. I don't know why I turn red sometimes! I guess I should just be glad he gets over me being sick so easily. Back in 2005 when I barfed till dawn I thought he'd never touch me again after hearing me doubled over the commode with the flu. The next week, he's kissin' me like always. Men have a short memory maybe. That's a good thing.

There is one time I blushed that I've never been able to forget and I wish I could. It happened at my new job as a city planning intern. I found out I had blown out the competition for this job so I was brimming with self-confidence. On my first day the Director of Planning took me around to meet the employees and the urban planners, most of whom were men. He introduced me to my boss-to-be and when the director said, "And I'd like you to meet Dick," I shook his hand and could feel my face turning from pink to red. Have you ever experienced the unmitigated horror of not being able to stop an oncoming blush! I didn't think any bad thoughts. Really I didn't! I was just embarrassed for him that his name was Dick I guess. There's no way to disguise a blush. You lose all the upper hand, all coolness, once you have a red face hanging out there. You can't cover it up. You can't bring your hands up to your face because that'll just highlight the situation. Sigh. I'm sure the two of them had a good laugh about it later at my expense.

Hey! My husband said there are fireflies outside. Oh boy! I gotta go see some fireflies. We don't have those in California or New Mexico.

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