Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweet desert air

I slept outside last night. The air smelled so good and the clouds and the moon overhead were so pretty. The prayers flowed freely. Effortlessly. It was good to get out from beneath the day long constant droning of the a/c. I only woke up twice; once for a funny noise that I imagined was a carnivore and once because a truck drove slowly by.

Turns out there was a great deal of vandalism last night. I suspect the vehicle that drove by was full of the people who did the vandalism and maybe because I was outside they didn't vandalize this loop. Just a guess, but I think so maybe. It's so sad people do that. Some suspicious people walked by two days ago. They parked on the road and just walked through the loop. We noticed because they didn't fit in. It's a little unusual for a large group of people to park on the roadside and meander through. Normally, they'd be camping or visiting campers and they were definitely not camping. Just so happens the day they walked by my husband was yelling (we were having a family issue) and anybody with ears would have heard for blocks. Maybe also, that attributed to why this loop wasn't vandalized. My husband isn't a shrinking violet.

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