Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going to bed

I slept outside so I woke early. Early for me is 9:00am. I will go to bed early tonight and maybe wake early or even earlier tomorrow!

Good news. The vandals were caught. Apparently long on courage and short on brains they took the credit cards they stole and went to Dennie's and the gas station in town. If they'd done their spending in a large city they may have gotten away with it. I heard that they didn't break in to any vehicles as in breaking the glass but went into ones that were unlocked. One of the vehicles had a man's wallet and $500.00 cash - their vacation money. So sad. But there is a happy ending because the criminals will not escape justice, or at least, the law. Now I'm keeping the phone with me when I sleep outside so I can call 911 if I need. I sure wish I would have been more aware last night. After the truck drove to the other loop I went back to sleep. Darn it.

My friend and mentor is maybe replying to a question of mine right now. I don't think I can stay up to read it tonight so will look forward to reading it tomorrow. I know there's a general way of looking at things, that is, if you have a good heart and good intentions, all is well. But I want more than that. I want a biblical point of view. Nitty gritty. As I've thought it over more during today, and gotten input from two of my top aides who've helped mold my prayer life and Christian life, I see my question is in a grey area and I think Fox is going to give me some things to think about and rather than tell me what I should do, she's going to make me think. I don't always like that because it puts the ball in my court and I can't lob it around indefinitely. I will have to decide for myself.

I pray I hear the Lord and that I let Him be my guide. I don't make it up as I go along. It is Jesus Christ I want to follow. I want to know what He wants of me. Please give me sharp ears. Sometimes my own voice is too loud and it gets in my way. I'm not going to ask a million people what they think. This is it. I will read and pray and think and pray and decide, and then stop questioning myself endlessly. Shall I add one more short, halting, sentence here? :) No, I shall not. Heh.

Tomorrow night there will be a beautiful and big (though actually the same size as always) moon!

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