Sunday, June 01, 2008

42" for June

Washed it this morning early. Both pics taken today. I wanted an outside pic but it's been very windy. The first pic is regular daytime hair and the second one is just brushed with a fling added for flair. Had a barrette in my hair for five minutes and got an indentation. See it? I do. And I'm not happy with the ruffle and ridging, but it's a day to day thing. Sometimes it turns out interesting and I like it and others days, no. Today is just --> No. I did earn two compliments at church this morn though and spoke a few minutes with another lady who has always worn her hair in a single braid, but today she wore it down. We were going around shaking hands and she and I ended up talking about hair the whole time. I must say, her hair looked lovely. I told her so.

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