Friday, June 06, 2008

Reminder from my mom

June 6th, 1944, D-Day

Anniversary today.

The greatest armada ever assembled in the history of the world landed on the shores of Normandy this day 64 years ago. The whole world learned of it and celebrated. Thousands of clandestine radios in prison camps and resistance groups all over the world learned of it. We were glued to our radios, read the newspapers stem to stern, watched the newsreels at the movies. The Germans, with the exception of a few like Rommel, thought it was a feint and still expected the main invasion at Calais - too late did the truth sink in. We had landed and prevailed in Africa and Italy, but Normandy was the beginning of the end of a war that involved virtually every country in the world.


This is an email from my mother this morning. She was a child during WWII, her father died in WWII, and she remembers.

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