Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jack across the street

I also saw for the first time a tiny cottontail. He's about the size of a teacup and cute as can be. I got to within five feet. In fact I got so close that my telephoto lens told me I was too close. (It doesn't work if you're too close to the subject.)

I did not know the birding was so good at this spot this time of year. It's much better than our old spot. Today I saw an oriole. I hope he comes by again.

Husband brought me home a hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen. I had no idea Dairy Queen made such good hot fudge sundaes. I could eat one every night. He had to go to the store for ant killer. I asked him what kind he got. He said the only kind they had. Haha! I have to remember there's not much in terms of variety here.

Several nights we've had Jesus clouds. You know that kind? The kind that has sun rays coming out every which way from behind a cloud? Really pretty.

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