Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting better

My husband and son are out trying to dig some visitors out of the sand. Well, not the visitors exactly, but their vehicle. People get stuck in the sand regularly. On holidays the tow company camps here because so many people get stuck!

They squeezed me in for an appointment yesterday at 10:00am and I'm using triamcinolone and it's working. The doctor had such a good heart. She even touched my rash. Usually they just peer at it from a safe distance of two or three feet. I'm not all better but getting better. Such a relief. My husband was gone to the city for supplies so I had to ask a friend for a ride. I hate having to ask a favor, but there are too many hills and it too hot for me to ride my bike there. She was very gracious so I didn't feel too badly. Bless her heart. If I couldn't get in yesterday morn they said the next appointment would be June 24th. Yipes. Praise the Lord for medicines that work. I hope I continue to get better and that the rash will go all the way away and not pester me indefinitely.

Where is SchnauzerMom's blog???

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