Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Picked a gift

I was stressing out about what to get a little girl. Naturally, but naturally, I've left it to the last minute. We got her a coat that I absolutely loved last year, but found out later it was a size too big. It took me all of three minutes to select that coat. It's like from the '70s, a very cute coat. Anywho, this year I picked for her a ballerina jewelry box from Nordstrom. Why didn't I just go to Nordstrom's in the first place? Every little girl should have a ballerina jewelry box. My grama gave one each to my sister and me when I was ten and my sis was six. I really liked it. Here it is:

I searched high and low online for genie pajamas but genie pajamas could not be found. I got a a pair for Christmas when I was a kid and they were really pretty. I also had some fancy lacy pajamas that were a gift so I also just searched for feminine pj's. Man, there are a lot of flannel, cotton, utilitarian fugly plain pj's to be had, but not much on the luxurious side. There should be. Dora the Explorer and cartoon pajamas? I don't think so. A girl deserves some genuine wholesome girly loungewear.

My mom finished a genealogy book about my grandmother's life and sent me a copy. It's awesome. She must have spent a few hundred hours compiling information. My people are from Ireland. Came over during the potato famine. Pioneers they were. Real pioneers in the mid-west. Back then there was right and there was wrong and not much in between. You didn't get coddled for having anxiety attacks or wanting everyone to support your alternative lifestyle. Time was not allotted for things that don't matter. Life is so precious. Too precious to be frittered away on self. I must remind myself of that next time I can't sleep.