Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Filling bags for the Luminaria

Saturday night is the Christmas Luminaria! Today our family helped fill 4,000, yes, four thousand, brown lunch bags with sand. Some people filled bags, some pulled up the wicks on the candles, some set candles in the bags, some carried bags from the picnic tables to the staging area, some arranged the bags in neat rows. Best of all, this year kids from the local Christian school came out and helped! The had such bright, shiny faces. Last year the job took us volunteers three hours. This year it took only two hours and we did a thousand more additional bags this year than last. Woohoo! We all clapped and hollered for the kids to thank them when they left.

It's my favorite activity here at the park. Saturday morning we shall help set all 4,000 bags out along the luminaria path. Saturday about 3:00pm we begin lighting the candles. My husband got me a bitchen propane torch for lighting the candles. It's a lot of bending down and if you have only a clicker for lighting them, it's killer. We found that out the first year. Now, it's torches for us!