Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chocolate mice treat

The day is done. The luminarias were not lit, the crowds were smaller due to the wind, but those hardcore people who out came had a good time. My chocolate mice were a big hit!

The ladies at The Friends site went on and on about how cute they were. They asked me how I made them and said they wanted to make them too. One lady said she had to take two to her daughters and that one of her daughters made these sort of things and she just had to show her one. I felt a little shy that they carried on so, but I was complimented too. I felt good. I never make things like this! After about 1/2 an hour of announcing to passersby that we had free posole soup I said I have to check my mice to see if anyone ate them, but I couldn't find the plate. One of the volunteers said, "Oh. We hid them. We're keeping them for us to eat." lol! So all the volunteers ate them. As I watched the fireworks I saw two men walk up to the table and the one said to the other, "Hey, do you like chocolate? You have to try one of these." I was bustin' with pride by then. Even men liked them?

They were a little stuck to the foil, so I bought wax paper for next time (like, um, the directions say to do). I let them cool for two hours before I put on the eyes and nose. Here are four that I caught. Haha! I made 23. Not all of the marachino cherries were worthy of being a food craft project. If they were too split up I didn't use them.