Thursday, December 13, 2007

My dear ballet teacher

I asked her why she was so stressed. Being the Christmas season I fully expected she'd let loose with a litany of Christmas errands; shopping, wrapping, cooking, crafting, etcetera. But no. She said only a few people know...two weeks ago her husband called her on the phone at work and asked for a divorce. He left her, as in went away. She is a good woman I think. She's petite and blonde haired, blue-eyed. We talked for about 20 minutes. I almost cried full on twice and she didn't. She has too much to deal with to have time for tears. Her vehicle insurance lapsed because he didn't pay it. She didn't know how to open the top on the truck to put in the anti-freeze. She told me what happened to her water well and I didn't understand what she said (as I nodded my head) but she had to turn off the water. She has no water in her home. She's living my nightmare. Every woman's nightmare, yes? Life as we know it is tenuous.

I gave her my phone number. She works during the day and teaches dance at night. Some days she doesn't return home till 10:00pm. There but for the grace of God go I.

She apologized for sharing all her troubles and I told her, don't be, I have strong shoulders. It was a little bit of a lie, but I want it to be true. I pray the Lord will give me half a brain to be a good friend she can lean on if she needs.