Thursday, December 06, 2007

First 40" pic

Tonight I came to log on and when I saw my post title I thought it looked like I wrote "dam" glasses and I thought How did I write that! But upon closer inspection I see the r and n in darn are just very close together.

This is my first hair pic since I hit the 40" point. This is 40.5". The bottom of my bottom still evades me. Maybe, hmmm, I'll hit that benchmark in two more months which should, if lucky, be one more inch which according to my scientific calculations will then equal 41.5".

Son is doing school right now. He wants tomorrow off so he can help the rangers with Luminaria preparations. He especially wants to go with them to pick up the hay for the hayride. I like evenings like this when he wants to do his studies and I can just let him go and he tells me what he wants to do - and he does pretty well I'll say. I'm developing him to be autodidactic individual. Nights like this give a sense that I'm doing something right.

I'm supposed to be at ballet, but I have shin splints and feminine aches and a bad mood on top of it all. My bad mood just flew right in at about 5:30pm. It is nice that my class is not a school class where I miss out on learning a combination and am graded. If don't feel like going it's no big. That's nice.

Here's a second one from today. Me fussing and swishing my hair outside. I had on a pretty hair bobble to do a picture of the plain, back-of-nape, pony tail. But alas, my hair is so slick that my bobble slipped right off my pony onto the ground. And this is day one post wash. That's lame.