Monday, December 03, 2007


I found a horse pattern fleece. It's anti-pill and so soft. Tonight I pinned the binding on it and tomorrow I'll sew it. I bought cream colored fleece for the other side. It feels rather plush with the two together.

It was a pretty day. Sunny and cool. I still didn't get around to washing my hair though. I absolutely have to get it done tomorrow. We got home from Cruces about 3:00pm, so I had to put away groceries and I just don't know where the rest of the day went.

We stopped for Mexican for lunch and it was the best. Last week we got Mexican food that was barely edible. It was awful. One thing I can't stand are those taco shells preformed that you buy at the store. Awful. There should be a law. I'm appalled to be served those fake taco shells at a restaurant with hamburger inside. The place we found today was just a little hole in the wall place. When we walked in the girl behind the counter greeted us (that's unusual) and after we placed our order she asked if we wanted a bowl of "Welcome Soup." Man, that soup was some kind of good. It was a very small cup full, but what a nice idea. Welcome Soup. Very cool. I told my husband as we ate our lunches at the rest stop that the food we bought was as good as what we used to eat in El Centro when I was ten years old, minus the cucurachas!

Our favorite restaurant in El Centro in 1968 was El Sombrero...until one time during dinner my mom saw a huge, well fed cockroach in the kitchen area. I didn't see it. She never took us back to El Sombrero again. What I remember best are the buñuelos my sister and I ate for dessert. I never see them on the menus anywhere anymore. I think back on those buñuelos wistfully.