Sunday, May 08, 2011


We were in the parade on Saturday and our Zumba float was a big hit.  We played our music loud and nine of us danced on the float.  We decorated it all week with pink fabric, and gold hearts, and purple bows, and ribbon, and a Zumba poster board girl.  Actually she is a real life boxing fighter girl of some sort.  I don't know her name.  She had cool lace up combat boots and one of the women in class made a Zumba top for her.  We were going to do a poster board of me but it was $100 more than getting this wrestling girl.  Haha!  I asked Kerry to please make a top with a wee bit more coverage so we don't go through town looking like the Zumba hookers.  She did a super good job.  She's very creative.  Good with a needle in her hand.  Or scissors, I should say.

The spectators clapped and smiled.  It was great.  I hope we place, but there were 52 floats and I'm sure some better than ours.  Whenever I almost tipped over, about three people grabbed for me.  Haha!  They are very protective of me.  So sweet.

And after, I rushed home and changed into my renaissance costume.  I came in first place in the costume contest.  Pretty good, huh?  So I wish I could say I beat like 50 contestants, or even 20, or even ten.  But I beat two.  One was an 75 year old lady and the other was a belly dancer.  Haha!

It's very windy and my shoes and skirt are all dusty.  Those are my Madonna shoes from 1985.  They were the first anniversary gift from my husband.  I loved them.  I love him.  I've kept them all these years.  I will give them to my granddaughter someday.

Then my husband made jambalaya for me on Mother's Day.  And he let me order a whole bunch of horse grooming supplies tonight.  The weather is hot, and hot to me is better than cold for grooming.  I have to get back into a Bella grooming routine.

And my friend, Mayela, came to church with me.  It makes my heart sooo happy.  I think she's so pretty and so nice.  I like when she's next to me.

And the lady who took my photo for the newspaper looked exactly like Avrilon.  Exactly.  Except that she was my height.  I told her I had a friend in Georgia who looks just like her and she said, "Well, I am a southerner."

It's been a heavenly week-end.


SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. I love the way you look in your costume.

April said...

I have a short twin there? How funny - and she's a Southerner as well!

The dress is very cool Lil... I used to have a thing for lacing so I'm particularly fond of the vest part (though I doubt that it's called a vest). And congrats for winning first place in the costume contest - regardless of how many contestants there were.