Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hmmm.  Son got a Facebook page.  I said okay.  He's using a fake name.  He checked the privacy settings.  He's going to the local Christian school for high school next year.  It's a very, very small school.  There will be about ten kids in grade 9-12.  There were three graduates this year.  All are going to university.

I find it striking how many Facebook profile photos bear very little resemblance to their owners. 

I reminded him that Facebook is a toilet.  Eh.  Could be overstating it, but I'm not fond of FB still.  We talked about how few of the friends on Facebook lists are real friends.  We know a wonderful man who passed away and he had over 1000 Facebook friends.  Donations were requested, just $10 from each FB friend could have helped his family tremendously.  Yet, few donors contributed.  I guess $10 was too high; too much effort to put in an envelope.  There were words.  Lots of words.  But the donors were almost 100% his family, church family, or very close friends he knew in town.  It's a pathetic waste of time this collection of added "Friends."

I'm a fan of Charles Krauthammer.  I read all about him this week-end.  Fascinating man.  Very accomplished and overcame such adversity.  I'm reading his Facebook page and bookmarked it.  Don't tell anyone.

I read up on Krauthammer's life and about the Israel's Six Day War.  Bible says, "I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you."  We need to be on the side of Israel.  We must stay on the side of Israel.  It's sobering to look at a map and see all the anti-Israel nations surrounding tiny Israel.  How did they win the wars since 1948?  It had to be God on their side.  I can fathom no other explanation.

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