Monday, November 05, 2007


Sunday was terrible. I don't care to watch football. I sit statue-still and writhe. Try to blend, smile on cue. An emotional amalgamation of myself. Took a Tylenol PM because I don't want to start a stay awake trend. Rumination is a waste of precious time.

So Monday I was blue all day. Couldn't shake it. Gives me those bad feelings inside and I want it to go away. Sad to feel my old self in my new town. Too bad, so sad. I hate to disappoint my husband. We all went to Cruces and I ate a really bad burrito. Husband ordered me pajamas that are way, way too expensive. I could buy a whole belly dance costume for that much. I shall have warm cotton flannel pajamas instead. Oh.

And when we got home I browsed online for costumes. Then I felt much improved! Well, it was after the pajama ordering too. :)

I'm learning a Middle Eastern folkloric dance. It's cute and happy and upbeat, but I don't have the right costume yet. I'm not quite sure what kind I need. My only complete costume is American Tribal Style and that won't be right for the dance at all.

Son made fresh squeezed lemonade this evening and it was delicious. It puckered us up. Me especially. It's very good for your body. Lemonade from real lemons.

The other day he was riding his bike home after his volunteer work and a coyote crossed the road just yards in front of him. As he rode by he turned and looked behind. There went the coyote back to the other side of the road...with a squirrel in his mouth!

Tonight we sleep beneath a brand new comforter that is in a nice, new, bright white duvet. I like white to sleep in. And I will make myself have nice dreams. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures...