Friday, November 16, 2007


I was sharp in ballet tonight - for a change! I felt great afterwards. We don't meet next week because of Thanksgiving. Bummer. It was chilly tonight, so finally I got to wear my black knit leggings. I wore my hair in a side braid.

They liked the homemade chicken noodle soup a lot. Their 13 year old said it was addictive. That's a big compliment coming from a picky 13 year old. The husband liked it. And my friend told our son it made her feel better.

Now there's a request for chicken noodle soup on Saturday night from my husband and son. I really had to fend them off yesterday. They were smelling that soup all afternoon and wanted to eat it. I almost had to fight them. I wielded the ladle like a weapon, like a sword, and said "No, no, this isn't for us. It's for someone else!" I got it delivered to the neighbors in the nick of time.

It doesn't get better than this. :)

And I'm wearing my new Eddie Bauer, plaid, pink and cranberry colored, flannel pajamas. My husband picks the cutest stuff. I'm all warm and cuddlebug. I'd have never picked this style. It reminds me of Lucy from I Love Lucy. She had pajamas just like these.

Think I'll have some Nabisco Nilla cookie wafers with milk and hit the hay. Tomorrow is Friday!