Thursday, November 01, 2007

November measure-in 39 7/8"

I had fun at the measure-in today. Several people like Kara, Lacemitts, and Avrilon have new pics up so I put one up too. I need a good new sig pic though. I haven't done one that I especially like since January 2006. That's kind a long space of time there.

This photo (below) shows my trouble spot. Three years ago I thinned out my bangs so they wouldn't be so heavy looking. Glad I did, but they're not as long as the rest of my hair now. As chance would have it this pic shows them pretty clearly at about waist length so you can see what I'm saying. It bugs me sometimes. It's more apparent on this side than the other. It's a bother because there's nothing I can do but wait for it to catch up.

The next one is swinging hair. Got a wee bit of motion in it. I thought 40" would be the bottom of my derrière, but the bottom of the derrière is technically a couple more inches lower. I'm not classic till I get there. I'm almost classic. My big plan is that once I get there, maybe about April, I'm going to trim for a couple years and stay there. I think. Actually, I'm getting a trim in March because that's when we're leaving and going to San Diego and I have to see my trusty barber, Ivan. I won't let anyone else trim my ends. I crave a trim right now, but I will wait. My ends are not bad. I oil them regularly, but I sure do like fresh cut ends. They're soooo purrrfect.