Thursday, November 15, 2007

I did something good

I did a certain Christian thing that I've never done before. A lady at church had surgery today. She asked me to pray for her and I am. And I made some chicken noodle soup and took it to her family. I'm not too good in the kitchen. My husband does most of the cooking, but I am the queen of chicken soup. I prayed over it as I prepared it. I hope they like it. My husband bought freshly baked sourdough bread to go with it and boy howdy, it's delicious with the bread. He's always thinking! It been proven that chicken soup aids healing. That's science! And who created science. God created science. Chicken soup made with love has purpose.

A long time ago I made a pie and the hostess of the party said my pie must have given everyone a stomach ache. Ever since then I've been totally paranoid about giving homemade food to people. I wrote about the mean lady here, so I won't rehash the event. Anywho, I'm feeling very smug that I courageously cooked chicken noodle soup and delivered it today. It would be so me to cook it and then say, "No, it didn't turn out well enough. We can't deliver it. We have to keep it." But I didn't do that. I followed through. I so much hope they like eating it.

This afternoon I saw the hawk that preys on our quail. It's a Cooper's Hawk I think! I read that they're also called Chicken Hawks. He's a beauty. No quail came around after he swooped by. He flies faster than lightening.

Finally ordered a skirt and veil to go with my cabaret costume. I bought dark purple because my costume, it's called a bedlah which refers to the costume bra and belt that goes around your hips, is purple. I stressed out over lilac or purple and thinking that lilac would draw more attention on stage being light colored, I almost got it. But the purple was the color that really called out to me. I asked our son which I should get because he has a good eye for color and he hardly thought a moment and said, "Purple." It takes six whole weeks for them to deliver it because they custom order it. The fabric, I chose it because it has a remarkable sheen to it. It's called faux silk. I have to think up some sleeves to cover my upper arms. They're not as firm as they once were. I want to attach perhaps purple chiffon bell sleeves to the bra strap. I need a little bit of fabric over the bust too as I want to be appropriately dressed to dance at a family oriented venue. We don't want to see the girls spilling out all over the place now do we. Certainly not! I think it's going to be duperly pretty!

Tomorrow I'm going to definitely worsh my hair and give it some attention. I got two nice comments tonight; one from Kara and one all the way from down under - that would be Jules. I am so fond of the women I've met on the hair board. Kara and Jules have both been there for me when I was unsettled by church and religion issues, or looking for an answer, or worried.

It's important to have reliable people you can reach out to when you have no one to talk to.