Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First baby blanket done

I did it! Is it pretty? I think it's pritty pretty. The corners turned out nicely too. Next I'm starting on a pink one for a baby girl. It's a wild pink. One side is fleece kitty cats and I chose a flannel backed satin for the other side and I will add white satin binding like this one.

I had a rather nice day. A good day. For one, when we went to the library I heard a guy across the street say lookitthathair as I got in the truck. Well, it was a old grizzled voice, but I don't care. A compliment is a compliment. Haha! There's a utility company across the street and that's the direction the voice came from. I was embarrassed to turn around. I have to be cool, ya know.

Our son got his free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut for reaching his reading goal. What a great program - the Bookit Program. He was nonplussed that I got him signed up and set up to participate, but now he's all happy about it. Boys get ripped off in reading at school. I'm proud to say, I taught him to read. He loves Beverly Cleary. In his contract he agreed to read 20 minutes per day and he's read twice that amount. Life is good.

Also on the edumacational front, he has begun his first research paper. I've put it off for two months because he hates writing. He is my extremely reluctant writer. He can talk, he's engaged and engaging, but ask him to write it down? Forget it. So I postponed it till today. Had myself all prepped and pumped and, surprise, surprise, it went well. Exceedingly well. Looks like he's interested in LED lights as a topic. He said, "Mamma, I'm kind of excited about this." Woohoo! I didn't act excited though. I just said, "Well, good." I have to stay cool and psyche him out.