Monday, November 21, 2005

Up and down, peaks and valleys

Finding my life verse was such a thrill that I was flying high. I'd wanted one for so long and finding the right one, mine, was a tall order. After I found it I floated down to earth and then crashed! Sunday I felt terrible and empty all day long. Actually, my husband went to the store which is a good distance and I started feeling bad right after he left. Plus, I read a story in an online paper about a bad crime. I wish I hadn't read it. I got a stomach ache from it which didn't help matters. I cannot read Ann Rule or any sort of horror stories or I'll wake in the night screaming. Husband says I'm too impressionable.

So all day I felt rather awful and horrible and then that night got on my computer, thinking and surfing about gifts to make for Christmas. Last summer I found a beading magazine with three new patterns for barefoot sandals and I felt rich! like I hit the jackpot. It took me 1/2 hour to find it (wonder of wonders, how can you lose something in 24 feet of space?), then I was shopping online for beads when I remembered how interested I was in making a rosary or a chaplet last year. I haven't beaded at all since we left home. I thought I would do it in winter when the weather was bad but here in New Mexico it's quite sunny. Cool, but sunny. So it all rushed back to me and I revisited some sites I liked about making a rosary and saying the rosary and I suddenly felt wonderful again. Funny how something so small can completely turn your world around.

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