Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chicken soup made with love

I made delicious homemade chicken soup tonight. It's easy peasy to make, and so good for you. Now I'm making chocolate chip cookies at our son's request. He was a big help with mixing. He's got the strongest little arms.

Church gave me a complete attitude readjustment. I went in ready to kill the world and came out all happy, happy, joy, joy. Nothing big really happened, but somehow just dragging my behind out of bed and getting myself in there pulled me all back together.

My husband is not funny lately. I told him he needs to go to humorist's school because he is so very unfunny. He said if he's not funny then why am I laughing. I can't help it that's why, but I'm not telling him he's funny or it'll encourage him. He's so puerile. I, in contrast, am far more mature.

I believe I would like to visit Europe! Also, I've been thinking I'd like to take us to Africa someday. Before we traveled much through the United States I thought, no way, Africa is too far away and you have to get shots. But now that we've been traveling for six months I think I've changed my mind. I need to decide which tribes I'd like to meet and which places are safe for visitors, with a child.

I mixed some gardenia perfume oil with my shea butter. Now it stinks. I like the gardenia fragrance in my monoi oil so much better. I threw out the gardenia perfume oil. I'll have to use up the gardenia shea butter on my feet. My feet won't care. Good thing I only made up a (relatively) small amount.

Tonight is the first night of Advent. At dinner we lit the first candle in our Advent wreath, the candle symbolizing Hope. I had our son read a couple verses from Isaiah. We sang O Come All Ye Faithful. Our usual Advent wreath is a fancy gold circular candle holder but it's in storage so today my husband took me to the store and I bought a square of styrofoam and stuck the candles in it. I was going to have our son pick some creosote to decorate the base (usually one uses evergreen) but it was SO windy today he couldn't do it. Instead, all on his own, he used green construction paper. I think this is the nicest Advent wreath we ever had. I think this is going to be the best Christmas we ever had.

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