Friday, November 18, 2005

Better hair

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In August I was unhappy with how my hair was looking and feeling (I hate this picture). I liked that it was finally feeling longer, yet it wasn't looking g-o-o-d like a girl wants look. You'd think that because hair is dead you'd be stuck, but because dead hair does respond to TLC you can improve it, thank goodness.

Last month I stopped blow-frying, cold turkey baby. Huge step. I still miss the blow-dryer but as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. I was using Suave shampoo and Aubrey Organics cream rinse, and in October I changed to Body Shop Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and the conditioner too. They are as Leia says, very moisturizing, moreso than any product I've used. I think this better enables me to wash once a week. I think the Suave pretty well stripped all natural oils clean. The Honey Moisturizing shampoo does make my hair squeak though, so I wonder if it also strips the oils the same way. Dunno, but it's working better for me.

I do a white vinegar rinse every week. I was suspicious that the ACV was leaving a slightly red tint on my hair and I don't need more of that so I changed to white. I've decreased the vin to water dilution (or do I say solution) too. I was using say, 40% vinegar and 60% water because I was freaking out about keeping my scalp clean and not itchy. I, ahem, may have been overdoing it. No ill effects, but less might be better. This week I did 1/4 cup vin mixed with 2 cups water. I do the vin last on my scalp, but use the conditioner last on my ends.

My hair was so luxurious after I washed it this week! Now that I've been washing once a week for a month (was doing every five days) I can wear my hair down if I want for four days after a wash, but day five and after, must wear up!

I'm pleased with how it's growing out after my September trim. I was a little bummed to have to cut three inches off, but I'm glad I did. I'm amazed by the difference in the two photos. It's like, I trimmed, I stopped using the blow-fryer, I cut down even more on washes, changed products, and Whoa! It's shinier, looks healthier and thicker, and I'm on my way to longer lengths again. Or, it's like my pony started going the wrong way but I turned him around and I'm back on track again. Yay! Or, like in roller derby, I'm on the Thunderbirds and Raquel pushed me down and kicked me and I'm up again and I'm gonna catch up with her highness and yank her arm and pull her hair and put my knee in her back till she screams. Oh dear me, how'd I get down this bunny trail? (My favorite saying from Michele!)

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