Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Southern California, yesterday's election

Why did Californians vote for Arnold?

Why even put Arnold in office? He's making an honest attempt to make things better and first thing this morning what do I hear? Voters have rejected his initiatives, every one of them. They could have kept Grey Davis in office if they don't want to endorse anything Arnold has. They could have kept Grey and let it be business as usual. Arnold has the best interest of California at heart.

And don't start me on illegal immigration. The sheer number of illegals will destroy us. We can't afford to support the numbers of illegals enrolling their kids in public schools, birthing babies in the hospitals, being sent to prison. The costs are crushing us. Outrageous. We can't possibly now, afford to deport them. The numbers are too huge! We can't afford to not to deport them either. And there's the rub. Eat that with your Wheaties this morning. This is one thing Bush has dropped the ball on. He's a Texan. He knows the issues surrounding this problem as well as any Californian, yet he does nothing. I'm not against immigration. I'm against illegal immigration.

You're going to continue to see migration out of California. Last year 100,000 more people left Califonia than came. People like us are leaving - retirees, and young families as well. The people who remain will be the illegals and those who voted against the initiatives. Liberals are ruining my state. And let's not talk about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Nutcakes trying to make laws, the latest being there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children, either independent of their right to direct the upbringing and education of their children or encompassed by it. Judges are supposed to be decision-makers not activists.

We're going someplace better with fewer illegals, lower taxes, cleaner air, less crowding, lower home prices. And I won't miss the loud talking people with boom boxes in their trunks, pants hanging below their butts, a constant chip on their shoulder cause they havent' been treated well enough by the world.

'Twas my home all my life. But California isn't California any more. Even the sand at my beloved Pacific Beach is full of cigarette butts and on all four sides of me, foreign speaking sun bathers wear long pants and hats. I can't live here.

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