Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My rainbow sherbet hair

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Looks like rainbow sherbet ice cream. My son asked who took the pic, I said I took it myself. What talent. The plaque in front of me has a list of all the animals you can see. I didn't see a single creature and I was watching.

I heard Michelle Malkin on the radio tonight. I listen to KFI streaming radio on the 'puter. She's got a new book out. I like her very much. I'd go to hear her speak if I ever got the chance. I used to like Ann Coulter, but she's way off anymore and I can't stand her inane grin. I dislike women who smile constantly.

My husband has a sore throat tonight.

Today we did a lesson about the four principle parts of a verb. Had to do the lesson twice (it was actually yesterday's lesson) because he didn't get it the first time. I was also mispronouncing participle which my husband brought to my attention. How embarrassing. I habitually destroy the English language.

There's a Wallace and Gromit movie out and I'm wanting to hear what parents think of it. I do like Wallace and Gromit! Wonderful characters. But we rarely go to the movies. The content is rarely what we consider appropriate for kids even when rated PG and we don't want our son immersed in the mainstream garbage that the industry calls entertainment. I think that watching what everyone else watches advances groupthink mentality and that's not what we want to nurture. We went to see Polar Express one year though. That was good. We already had the book and it's such a good book. My husband cried at the theater! If Wallace and Gromit gets good reviews maybe we'll go.

We didn't do anything for Halloween. Last year our son dressed as a shepherd, David. Year before, he was a cockatiel. My husband and I were laughing last night because the radio was talking about how much money some people spend on costuming. When I made the cockatiel outfit (I sew his costumes because he hates Spiderman and anything else the stores sell) I assured my husband we'd save a lot of money. He was pretty clear when he told me not to spend much. Well, that costume, feather boa and feet and stockings and beak and foundation, came to about $150.00 when all was said and done. I am so bad with money and costumes! We laugh about it now but at the time I was in big trouble! Everyone raved about the costume though. It turned out pretty cute and our son was thrilled with it. That's the big payoff right there, eh. You can't buy the glow on your child's face when he's wearing an original costume and he gets to be exactly what he wanted to be. This year our son said since I can't sew, he didn't want to do anything. I told him we'd go buy him some candy on sale and he was real happy with that. Pretty easy year. Usually I fear to hear what he wants to be because he just expects that Mamma will make him whatever he desires! When he was a tot I made he a Zorro outfit. I was so bummed because he wouldn't wear it! I didn't know then that you can't get a three year old to keep the mask on. What's a Zorro without a mask! Oh, and I didn't realize that felt would make him itchy and sneezy. Live and learn, live and learn. Poor 'lil guy.

My hair is nice and shiny today. Go figure. This is the second day in a row my husband said I looked pretty first thing in the morning. I just roll my eyes at him. He asked me if I'm going to write in my blog that he said my hair is pretty. He cracks me up. I love him so.

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