Sunday, November 13, 2005

My new kitchen faucet

Sexy faucet Posted by Picasa

I have a wonderful husband who went out at night time and bought me a new, awesome, kitchen faucet. Our old one sprung a leak! Luckily it wasn't while I was using it so I didn't get blamed. It has a circle near the base that is red for hot and blue for cold so you'll never forget and accidentally go the wrong way. It's not plastic so it doesn't SQUEAK like my old one. I can take the head off and make a spray to wash the pans. The old one had a scratch on it so good riddance to that. (I didn't put it there, but I won't say who did or that I know what day it got there.) It's very shiny and very sparkly. I added three sparklies with Photoshop so if you can find find them you win the door prize. They're small and subtle, but they're in your mind now. It's the best thing in my whole trailer and my husband put it in just for me. He hurt his back and his finger and bumped his head when he was installing it. Plus he got a headache. It's Delta you know, with a lifetime warranty, and it's washerless. What more could a woman ask for? I do not know! I love my husband.

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