Monday, November 21, 2005

Fried chicken and swirly bun

I cooked fried chicken and made gravy tonight. It turned out real good. It's my husband's favorite dish that I make (and I don't make much). My aunt in Nebraska taught me how to fry.

Tonight I made my first swirly bun. I like it so well I may sleep in it. I've been trying to make one for, oh, about three days. I just couldn't seem to do it, then tonight I tried again and got it. See, you just have to keep trying.

Two nights ago I finished my Mitford series books. I loved the seventh (and last) one. Now there are no more for me to read. How sad. I hated book number six though. Why in the world would the author go back and do a whole book just on the wedding. I couldn't bear it. Dull, boring. I seriously skimmed 90% of it. Book six just stinks.

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