Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Can't stop thinking about it lately. Had 32 in my class Tuesday. I'm stoked. Floating.

There is a new girl in town got licensed to teach. I called her, congratulated her, and invited her to teach a few routines in my class. She was surprised and I think is looking forward to doing it. She'll be in my class Saturday. Had her over yesterday to make sure her iPod will work with my setup and we could hardly stop talking to each other. I like her. I hope it goes really well Saturday. I took the high road. I want to have a positive working relationship with her.

I just introduced a quebradita routine last week. Seems everyone likes it. It's high intensity. And next week I'm doing a reggaeton song. Reggaeton. It's a vast wasteland as far as lyrics. Full of misogeny and violence and raw sex. I settled for the violence aspect. Found a song with no profanity and it's only about a boyfriend threatening to shoot another guy if he messes with his girlfriend. Well, I need one serious reggaeton song to round out my playlist and I need also to keep class appealing to the younger crowd. Actually I love the reggaeton beat. It's the words that are so repugnant. I'm doing Prrrum and the routine is here. The routine is very good.

I already have my next two routines selected. One will be a second song routine, a merengue, from Zumba on their DVD. I like it because one step is where you hold up your arms as if you're at a concert and they're playing your favorite song. Okay, I sound like a blonde, I know it. The other! I wanna do "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner from 1973. Fantastic song. Starts with probably the most famous locution on a song ever. I found a base routine and I'm going to change it up a bit. Gonna add a bit more of original Tina moves to it. I saw some routines to this song with moves like a body roll, but to me, that doesn't work. I was there in 1973. You need to use some moves from 1973, not 2011. Man, it's musical history. Give it some respect.

A student in class asked me if I could come to the private school where she teaches and teach a Zumba class to little kids. I told her it can't be Zumba because I'm not licensed to teach little ones, but she said she didn't care. So I'm going to teach a movement class and not call it Zumba. I can do that. I've already picked some cute, cute songs and a game. I'm looking forward to it. Can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm am looking forward to it. Songs I've picked so far are Xibom Bom Bom," "Funky Town" by the Chipmunks, and "Magic" by Selena.

Bible study is going great. The Bible, it's like gold. Pastor made a remark that stood out to me. His son died only last year of leukemia. It's not right losing a child. It's been hard on him and on the family. I feel so bad for them. How they must miss their son so. He would have been 40 this year and left behind three kids and a beautiful wife. Well, someone commented on how God always has a plan and God had a plan when he took Pastor's son. Pastor said he prefers not to say God took his son, but that God received his son. Mmmmm. So true.

March 13 is the time change and March 20 is the first day of Spring. Time is moving so fast.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I like the idea that God doesn't take people, He receives them home. We have 2 funerals coming up, back to back. Both believers, fortunately.