Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simply the best

I had simply the best Zumba comment ever today.  After class I walked outside to put my speaker in my truck and two of the ladies were chatting.  I overhead the word "inspirational" but I assumed they were having some kind of non-Zumba related conversation.  They stopped me and said how much they liked the class, that the music was so inspirational.  And then the lady with no hair told me she's had chemo and that she believed that coming to my class helped her avoid a blood transfusion recently.  She said her blood levels were good and she was convinced it was attributed to her coming to Zumba once a week.  Wow.

It made my day.  It made my week.  It made my month!

I have two Christian songs in my playlist.  One hip hop, one for cool down.  I pray each person is blessed when they come to my class.  I pray before class.  I pray after class.  Without fail.  Sometimes I even thank the Lord while I up there dancin'!


Trish said...

Good for you! I'd like to encourage you to maintain your high standards. There are some zumba classes near me, but I have been told the music is questionable, so I won't be going.

Liliana said...

Trish, it's true some classes use songs that are reeeally vulgar. There is debate among instructors. Some say they care only about the beat. Me - I have good prayer group to help keep me on the straight and narrow. I've been to classes with foul lyrics and it made me feel kinda sick to dance to them as if nothing's wrong with it. Or there are "booty battles" which I won't do and - can't help imagining everyone with no pants and then I really wanna throw up. lol. You might go to and go to
'Find A Class. You may locate an awesome instructor that uses only clean lyrics. Some do.

SchnauzerMom said...

I'm glad that your class is doing so well!