Monday, March 28, 2011

Mayela is a good listener.  She has a soft heart and very good ears.

She came to church with me yesterday morning.  I've been wanting to take someone to church for ages.  I asked her.  She said yes.  She thought it over for weeks. Best of all, she liked it.  I think she genuinely did.  Her son performed in a drama piece and he did well.  She was proud of him although she was quiet about it.  I could tell she was nervous beside me too.  I was introducing her to people, and this being a small town, and she being involved with the school, everyone already knew her.  Good grief.  I want credit for bringing a new person and she knows more people than I do.  For eight years she's never come to this church.  She could have, but she didn't.  I like talking with her because she's interested in the Bible.  Iron sharpens iron.  I'm looking forward to some good debate with her.

I got a new chair for my desk and it cost $160 and I don't like it.  I'll have to return it if our son doesn't like it.  I have a nerve in my behind that gets pinched in this chair and makes my leg ache.  I'm bummed about it.  Hate to package it all up and drive 75 miles one way to make a return.  Maybe I'll buy one of those giant exercise balls and see if it makes a good seat.  The executive chair also takes up more space than I expected.  I don't wanna tell my husband because he was so nice to make a special trip to take me to the store.

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