Friday, March 04, 2011

Tonight I had fewer people, 27, and made $5.00 more. I earned $135.00. Apparently my book-keeping is not so good. I better not let Yr do an audit on me. Anyhoo. I'm sooo happy. I'm taking my husband and son out to dinner tomorrow to a nice restaurant.

I have a little headache so I took a Tylenol PM.

There's a movie called Julie/Julia on tv and I always thought it was about a transexual or something so was never interested, but it's about a girl who decides in one year to cook everything in Julia Child's cookbook and she makes a blog about it. So far it's kind of a cute movie.

It was a bad homeschool day. For me anyways. Couldn't get him to write an essay. So I let it go. It's optional so, hmmm. He did get 87% on his algebra unit test with his dedah though. My husband teaches the mathematics. He got "daddy" backwards or something when he was a tot and so Daddy and been Dedah ever since. I was overtaken by math in first grade of homeschool and husband took it over. What to do about high school. I'm still not sure.

My iPod isn't transferring a particular song very well. I had to re-download it and add it in. Tonight during class I noticed it was missing. Stopped and checked my iPod. Couldn't find it anywhere. By then it had been a couple minutes and everyone caught their breath. I'll be more careful to check the list on my iPod from now on. I let 'em off easy tonight. Oh! Three ladies came up and danced on stage with me. It was fun!

Hair is 49 7/8".

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SchnauzerMom said...

I saw that movie a while back. It is a good story except for some really bad language. There's no way I could help anyone in math. Calculators are wonderful things.