Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I didn't get sick!  Our son was down one day with a fever so I know I got it from him, but it's gotta be the Zumba that helped me to not get fully sick.  Yay for Zumba.  It's so curious.  I wonder if my body is better at making antibodies or what. 

The newest routine I introduced Tuesday was a big hit.  It received the most claps of almost any song since I started.  It's always nice to find a widely popular routine.  Once in awhile you pick a stinker and I did that once too.  Class was silent after we did it.  Haha!  I was petrified because I was new.  Live and learn.  I dropped it completely after a month.

I hope my cousin stops by on her way to Nashville.

Husband had a basal cell thing taken off his back.  It was small but looked very weird.  Last year he canceled the first appointment I made for him.  They did a biopsy about 10 days ago and I phoned about it today and found out it was cancerous.  He goes in tomorrow to get it scraped and cauterized.  Well, I told him, from now on you better not cancel any more doctor appointments I make for you!  Very quietly, he said,  "Thank you, Honey."  :)


Jules said...

DH has had several basal cell carcinomas removed and while they can look a little nasty, they are slow growing and not as dangerous as other types.

Glad your classes are going so well. I really wish I could bring you down here to do some. I might even end up being your most faithful student despite my lack of coordination.

Blessings, Jules

Liliana said...

Hi Jules! Yes, husband was surprised it was cancerous and I told him of all the skin cancer types you can get this one would be the best one to have.

Last week I had probably five people from my church in class. It was wonderful. Even my pastor's wife attended! How I would looove to have class with my online friends such as you. Thanks for dropping by!

SchnauzerMom said...

Men can be very stubborn. I'm glad that it can be taken care of easily.