Thursday, March 24, 2011

Proud Mary was the new routine we did tonight and guess what.  Everyone loved it!  It is the most rewarding thing when the class really likes a song.  It's so worth all the practicing.  A lot of them were singing it and a lot of 'em whooped and hollered and then they clapped afterward.  Wow.  What a rush.

After cool down I reminded everyone that Zumba is for all ages.  I told them that in the workshop I took there were people from age 18 on up to their 60s and 70s and it's a true fact.  One of my students today mentioned that we have a wide range of ages in our class.  That's a compliment although not an intentional one.  I hope it stays that way.  I told the class tonight that there's a wide range of ages because they are understanding that Zumba is for everyone.  You simply must adjust the fitness level for yourself and make it high impact or low impact dependent upon your body.  Then I told them to all give themselves a hand for doing a good job and we clapped again!  I love being a Zumba instructor.  I have such wonderful students.

But tonight we had a little incident.  There are movies after Zumba.  The movie people come in at 6:30pm and set up their stuff.  I was running five minutes late because I couldn't decide what song to take out of rotation, so Proud Mary put us at 65 minutes.  Well, James the movie guy pushed the button to bring down the giant movie screen.  I was doing cooldown and the screen, if I didn't move, would hit me and crush me.  Okay, might not crush me but it was right overhead.  I asked (while I'm teaching) him if I should stop.  He said no, but he did not stop the screen coming down.  So I moved but then no one would see me if I was on the wrong side of the screen, so he said move in front of it.  I was a little close to the edge of the stage then.  Well, I am too quiet.  This is a known fact.  And I just tried to finish on the edge of the stage.

So class was done.  I did my little talk.  We clapped.  Class is done.  And a visitor, a lady whom I chatted with before class, well, my goodness, she went off on James for pulling down the screen on me.  Oh dear.  I ignored it because I didn't know what to do.  Then two gals came to me and told me I better say something.  So I went over and said, "It's okay, it's okay.  He's a volunteer."  Well, she wasn't buyin' it.  lol.  She went on for a good five minutes.  I let James fend for himself.

Truth is, he shouldn't have brought down the screen on me.  He's a little quirky that way.  But I don't want to make waves and get kicked out.  I called Nadine to give her a heads up on the incident just in case she hears about it.  Ya never know.  Better safe than sorry so I'll let her know what happened so she doesn't get any surprises.  It's not a real big deal anyways.

I don't like altercations.  I don't like arguments, disputes, noisy arguments, or controversy, thank you very much.

I talked with James and he seemed okay about it.  He wasn't mad.  I said I was sorry.  I'm not telling my husband I said sorry because my husband gets mad at me for it.  Says I say I'm sorry too much.  Know what I say when he tells me to stop saying I'm sorry?  I'm sorry.  Hehe. 

I can't help it.  I have a sorry problem.

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