Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Uncle Jim is in the hospital. He had a heart attack.  He's under sedation.  I'm having a hard time keeping my mind on anything this morning.  Last night my eyes were crying.  Usually I'm very good at compartmentalizing things. It seems that I love Uncle Jim more than I thought I did.  He's very easy to love.  He's funny.  He's a good conversationalist.  He's very interesting when he gets to talking about a lot of things that I never knew about him.  And strong in his faith in God.  We like to eat Snicker snack size bites at his house.  We bought some but they weren't as good as the ones we ate at his house.  Everything there is still just like Aunt Delores left it when she passed on and I like sitting in the living room and kitchen.  Now my nose is running.

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SchnauzerMom said...

How terribly sad. I am glad that he knows the Lord at least you will see him again some day if he doesn't survive the heart attack.