Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Ann, my dad's wife, said something today.  Sometimes, sometimes she does that.  She says a thing that resonates.  That makes me feel well.  She said every day longer is a day for him to get stronger!  Today he looks better and they're going to take the balloon pump out of his heart and then his heart will be pumping by itself.  Every day longer is a day to get stronger.  That's my prayer of praise and of thanks tonight.  I've decided that is how I'll pray.  Our God is a good God!

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Fox said...

Yes, Lil, our God is a great God, despite our circumstances. He is great when things are bad and He is great when things are good, simply because He is a great God! I am glad that your Uncle has had another day longer to get stronger! I too am thanking the Lord for that with you! He deserves our praise all the time!! Just checking in on you and your Uncle. Praying he gets well very soon!