Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Her poor tail

Bella's tail is my life.  It's long.  It's luxurious.  It's shiny.  It's two colored, black and white.  It's down to her ankles - or maybe they're called hocks - about six inches from the ground.  I baby that tail and use only the best products on it.  Heck, my mane and tail conditioner is the same stuff the Queen of England uses in her stables.  So the advertisement says.

Now it's PARTLY CHEWED OFF!  Gone. It'll take two years to grow back to where it was! 

We've had little Ginger here for two days.  I loved her yesterday until I woke this morning hearing our son talk about how Bella's tail had been chewed and I jumped out of bed and ran outside and saw 1/4th of Bella's white tail gnawed clean off.  It was all wiggly with dried horse spit where it had been gnawed on.  Then I ran to Google and found some advice.  I put a mixture of Vaseline and hot pepper on the tips of Bella's chewed off ends and I hope Ginger will get a mouth full.  I also ordered some super stink stuff that's supposed to keep horses from chewing.

Ai yi yi.  From joy to distress in a mere two days. She's seven months old and a pretty little thing. A dun horse. Walks up to me sometimes too.

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