Thursday, February 10, 2011

The toning class was my favorite of the workshops I've taken.  The music is a little slower because you have to use more purposeful movements when holding weights, but the dance style is way fun and my forehead was dripping sweat.  My gluts were sore the next day.  Squats and lunges are a girl's best friend.  Such a good workout!  Best of all we were let out two hours early.  The class was small and more personal.  Only 11 students.  My other workshops had 30 to 60 students, so this was way nicer.  Apparently Zumba didn't realize they scheduled it on Super Bowl Day.  I only missed about half an hour of the Superbowl. 

The teacher was tiny and cute as a bug's ear.  She gave a good class.  She had awesome arms.  Hope I might get such nice arms.

My hope, my plan, is to learn the choreo and open a class in July.  I'll offer Toning in an eight week session.  There's more talking and instructing for me to do in a toning class than in a basic Zumba class so I'd rather not have drop-ins.  I have to know the muscle groups and exactly what muscle is being worked with each exercise.  I'm supposed to watch participants closely and check their form.  I have so much I need to learn.  I might be ready before July but I told everyone July because I don't want them bugging me before then.  When I was preparing to teach Zumba  people would always say, "When are you starting?" and I got tired of it.  I'm ready when I'm ready.  End of discussion.

Mostly today I'm thinking of my friend.

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