Friday, February 11, 2011


Finishing the entry I started.  I'm recovered from the shaving incident.

I've been thinking so much about this little horse next door.  She's about five months old.  She's a dun.  Dun is a color.  Dark blonde or light tan.  And she has black socks and mane and tail, white spot on her forehead, and a line down her back.  The line is a dominant trait in dun horses.  She's duperly friendly and I met her full blood brother and mother and both are gentle and friendly.  She's 1/4 Belgian which is a big, gentle, draft horse.  Watching her from a distance I thought she was a plain brown horse rather unremarkable.

Anthony, her owner, was going to sell her.  Is going to sell her.  Our son, so outgoing he is, is friends with Anthony.  Anthony grew up with horses.  His dad had 80 horses.  Thems is a lot of horses.  Today I got to watch Anthony work with the baby, her name is Ginger, and I watched him do "pressure and release."  It's part of the horse psyche.  I'm still hung up on dog psyche and I have to get it through my head how different horses are.  Like in the movie "Secretariat."  I've got to watch it again to catch the full dialogue, but it was something about how horses don't care about the clouds or the sky (which struck a chord with me because I'm into clouds), but horses care about what is in front of them, what is moving, where it's going.  Yeah, makes sense.  If your survival instinct is to be aware of what's around you then you're not gonna be checking out the sky.

Anthony told our son he's selling the baby to anyone else but he would give her to us.  Well, I decided long time ago that the horse I want, that I will get, I want at no cost.  I want a horse that needs a good home.  I'm not looking for high price with papers or fanciness.  I don't need a particular breed.  I want a good, healthy horse that will not bite me or scare me.  That is calm.  Friendly.  That I would be comfortable for my friends, when I get some friends, to pet and stand next to.  One I can ride someday.  Yeah, that's what I want.  I think Ginger may be the one.  I'd have to wait two years for her to grow up for me to ride her, but I don't mind.  We waited for Bella to grow up and now our son is sitting on her.  Not riding yet, but sitting to get her used to him.  She never bucked or kicked!  What a good girl.

My husband is thinking on it.  Soon we need to buy tack for Bella.  We need a saddle and stuff.  He's thinking we'll sell the trailer and use the money for horse things.  We'd like to improve the horse fencing here.  We'll see.  We'll see what's in store.  I'm okay with selling trailie.  It's a duperly nice trailer for an old one (built in 1999) and the floorplan is a hard to find one.  I hope someone will want it.  If we can sell it then that would be good.  We traveled for so long.  Truth is, I have no desire to pack it up for even a small trip.  Camping in it means stocking up, getting ready to go (don't forget this and that), coming home and cleaning it out.  Ugh.  I don't think I'm up for that.

Horse dreams.


Daisy said...

Oh Lil, I hope that you get the desires of your heart!

I admire how you have Bella; how exciting it will be when your son rides her for the first time.

SchnauzerMom said...

That sounds like a really nice horse. I hope you get it. Hope the trailer sells soon too. I guess you need a long break from traveling since you've done so much of it.