Monday, January 10, 2011

Nice New Background

Wow.  I like my new background.  I was going to use the New Year's one all year because it was purple and I like purple, but this one is better.  Brown haired girls.  Like me.  At least, used to be me.

I ordered my new PA speaker.  Should be here by Friday.  I phoned the store to be sure there was a real person to answer questions and the customer service was excellent.  A guy talked to me about speakers and sound and dispersion and speaker stands and answered all my questions.  It weighs 32 pounds.  About as much as a big baby I figure.  I'm gonna put in a rolling luggage carrier to transport it. 

Next I want to order some Abba Zabba candy bars.  I've wanted one for the longest time.  Can't find them anywhere though.  Tonight our son was eating taffy candy that was watermelon flavored and it was nasty.  It didn't even smell good.  It made me really want an Abba Zabba.  I'm gonna buy a box of them.  The only place you can buy one as far as I know is at the rest stop in Bakersfield, California.  There's a gas station stop there that has every candy under the sun. 

My back pain has gone.  I don't know why I got it and I don't know why it went away.  It was hurting all the way down my thigh sometimes.  My achilles' heel is doing well.  It would hurt after class.  I got a little pad for the heel of my shoe and it's helped a lot.  Praise the Lord.  And I expected no difference because two people said the heel inserts didn't help them.  I'm just glad it has helped and I hope it continues to do so.

I'm really embarrassed that my boom box is on the fritz.  I can't stop thinking about the new PA speaker I've ordered. 

I have a new routine almost ready.  Tuesday, maybe Thursday I can do it for class.  I hope for Tuesday.  I did my whole hour routine (in my at-home dance studio!) today because I practiced only the new routine yesterday.  I felt strong. 

I'm thinking to start a journal about how my body feels.  I'd think that exercising so much I'd feel fantastic every dang day, but I don't.  I get a little this wrong or a little that wrong, an ache, a pain.  Gotta dance through it and smile big.  But one day last month I felt totally good from head to toe.  I wanna see if there's a pattern.  I know there is for the stinkin' headaches I get.

Mayela has offered her garage for Saturday Zumba.  I'm still looking for a place for Saturday.  She's real nice this Mayela.  I like her.


yrautca said...

Great. Now your blog reads like a Victorian novel.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I love your new background, very pretty.