Saturday, January 08, 2011

I'm in heaven

Ohhhh, my husband put up mirrors for me tonight.  I love him so.  I have mirror for six feet across and five feet high.  We set them about ten inches above the floor and I can see my feet and put my arms up and see my arms fully.  It is splendid.  It's the best dance set-up at home I've ever had in my life.  The floor is perfect and our son waxed it for me tonight.  On hands and knees, he cleans every corner and crevice and makes it shine so pretty.

I placed my portable ballet barre in front of the mirror.  Oh I can't wait to practice tomorrow!

I'm not teaching tomorrow though because I haven't found a place for us.  I tried a county location and they charge $300 per day and $400 cleaning deposit.  I don't think I quite have $700 dollars for every Saturday!  Sheesh.  So Diane is putting me on the agenda and on the 18th the board will decide if they are willing to rent to me for 10% of what I earn.  I hope they will say yes.  I have two more places to inquire about next week.  Surely there is a place for us somewhere on Saturdays.

Our son has discovered the show "Golden Girls" on tv.  I find it amusing that a 13 year old boy likes "Golden Girls." 

Zumba on Thursday night was excellent.  Way better than on Tuesday.  I was disappointed with myself Tuesday.  I made up for it on Thursday.  As soon as class started, my tummy ache went away.  As it always does.  And by accident I made everyone laugh.  After class I was explaining how Zumba is like taking care of your car.  You gotta change the oil in your car and do maintenance.  And you gotta take your car out on the interstate once in awhile to blow the spark plugs out.  I said Zumba is like that for your body.  I just wanted to give everyone some encouragement.

Tomorrow I'm going to blow over half my total earnings on a speaker.  I hope it sounds as good as I hope.  My little boom box has speaker rattle.  It's quite sad.


SchnauzerMom said...

I hope you find a good place for your class. I don't think I would like mirrors that big around here but then I'm not practicing dance moves either.

Jules said...

If I had mirrors 5' x 6' in any room of my house I wouldn't feel good at all. Nah, I'd be reaching for the tissues! You rock, girl!

Liliana said...

Ohhhh you two. Well, you need to see all the body parts when you're moving and dancing. It helps lots for developing proper form.

I do think I need an entirely new wardrobe now that I've seen what I look like in everything. Either that or I could wear nothing but Zumba outfits all the time. lol. I'd like a new face but it ain't likely, so have to settle with this one.