Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He came home from his first half day at school.  I was on pins and needles and said, "So.  How was it?"  He says, "Mamma, it was great."  Wow.  That makes me happy.

He wrote two pages about himself for the teacher.  He had a bit of reading to do as an assignment.  It's a Christian school so the article was about the lagamorph.  Rabbits.  It's about how the evolutionists have a problem with the wittle wabbits because they show no sign of evolution.  The little feet and teef they have from millions of years ago show no changes whatsoever, thus indicating that God made the rabbit as the rabbit and that's that.  So I had him review the biological classification chart and we read the article together.  Hope it helps him.

Felt kinda just okay in Zumba.  Had 13 people.  Flubbed 16 counts of the new routine I introduced today.  Completely, completely forgot what to do for about 15 seconds.  Makes me so mad!  Boo boo.  I'll get it Thursday though.  Announced that I'm getting a 1000 watt PA speaker and everyone was very happy.  Gonna order some Zumba tops for some of the ladies.

Piglets have about 113 day gestational period.  That means our little piglet is in his momma's tummy right now.  Our piglet to be.  Son will pick one out April 1st.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I hope your son does well in school.