Sunday, January 16, 2011

My new PA speaker rocks. It goes so loud you can hear it outside. Absolutely no distortion. Worth every penny. The down side is the speaker stand is not user friendly. I have to return it. I can get the speaker on it, but I can't get it off. It's really hard. Even for my husband it's hard to turn the knobs. It holds the speaker for sure. I got one student on Saturday who came in and started dancing because she said she heard the music outside! Very cool. I'm so immature. I like loud music.

I've been asked to choreograph a dance for an August Quinceañera. Rose said her daughter likes my class and would like me to choreograph it for her. I said, "I don't know. Let me look at some YouTube videos first." I didn't know "Surprise Dance" was a traditional part of a Quinceañera. I checked out YouTube and man, there are a lot of, can I just say it, slutty Quinceañera dances. It's a sweet 16 party, but in Mexican culture it's for age 15 instead of 16. You'd think that if the parents put on a big party for their daughter that the daughter would want to show herself entering womanhood as a respectable woman, not as a hooker. My goodness. Well, I am certain Rose's daughter is not interested in such a dance. They are a wonderful family and will have a beautiful party.

So anyways. Saw them Saturday and the daughter hugged me and said thank you for doing the choreography for her. She's a sweet (and smart) petite little thing and I feel like an Amazon woman when I hug her. But I admit I was surprised because I didn't yet agree that I'd do it. I looked at her mum and said, "Did I say I was gonna do it? I don't remember that!" Haha! But I like Rose so much. I want to make Rose happy. So I will be glad to do it for them. That is what I want to say.

But there is one thing worries me. I've never choreographed a dance. What do they see in me that made them think to ask me. If only I can see me through their eyes. What did Eleanor Roosevelt once say? "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." I also like "Just Do It." And perhaps I can make a practical application of one I read today on the Zumba instructor's forum when they were talking about whiners, "Suck it up, Princess."

Potential is nothing unless I use it. (This saying is by me.)


SchnauzerMom said...

I think that it's great that they have such confidence in you. I think you will do well.

Jen said...

I am finally looking at your blog! Hooray! Of course, I am having to use my hubby's computer, but hey, I will do what I can. LOVE the new design of your blog with all the long hair. Love it! And wow, how cool that you are now getting into choreography! I'm very impressed. Now I must go and catch up on lots and lots of blog posts that I haven't been able to read until now.....