Friday, January 14, 2011

Highlight of my day

The highlight of my day was that I forgot part of my new routine.  Let me just fall on my sword and be done with it.

But Rose still hugged me after class and told me I was awesome.  Of course, she exaggerates.  She hugs me every night no matter what.  She's waiting for word on her mama in Texas.  Her mama has battled pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer and is nearing her end on earth any day now.  It's been very hard on Rose.

Two new gals came up to me and said how much they liked the class.  Made me happy.

Still want to fall on my sword though. I did perfectly fine when I did it at home today.  Just completely blanked out.  Rawr!


SchnauzerMom said...

I know how it is to blank out, done that before. I feel for that poor lady whose mother is dying.

Shelby said...

Lil, hon... remember that no one is perfect!
Your class is probably helping that woman keep her mind occupied rather than dwelling on her mama.